The City's Edge cast of characters:

Our new girl at Lightspeed...

Lexi Parish (Rose Diaz)

An up and coming urbanite with a degree from an eastern school, Lexi just moved to Colorado from New York City. Lexi is the New Senior Internet Media Producer for Lightspeed, Inc, a Denver-based streaming media production company. She is driven to succeed, partly from her upbringing, and partly by her desire to find her own independence. Lexi grew up in a middle-class family, her father passed away when she was 10. It was a struggle for her family after that.

Single at age 27, she's dynamic and vulnerable, with a quiet sophistication, and a history of troubled romantic relationships. She hasn't forgotten the fairytale, but now she is focusing on trying to make the most of her scholarship-provided degree and overcoming the obstacles she faced as a teenager. Lexi leans toward refinement, likes nice clothes and looking good. She has a contemporary style but is very feminine and warm.

Other characters in Lexi's life (Alphabetical Order)...

Veronica Devoreux (Monica Meadows)

A beautiful, 29 year-old heiress to the Devoreux Mining fortune (which includes everything from rare earth minerals to South African diamonds). Veronica ("Ronnie" to her intimate friends) has traveled the world, both for daddy's company, and for pleasure. She is a bit of a wild girl, and with her looks and money, gets mostly what she wants from the men in her life.

Michael Emerine (Karl DeMarrais)

28, and always on the lookout for a woman with with money, looks, and accomplishments, Michael has been dumped by women with all of these qualities! Why is a cute guy like Michael treated like dirt on a regular basis? Either because he's such a nice guy, or because he always aims out of his league. Michael has also been known to enjoy a good stiff drink after a particularly bad date, which is all too often.

Taylor Ericson (Cathy Bell)

Lexi's 26 year-old best friend and roomate. Taylor works at "The Soiled Dove", a Denver hot spot. Taylor is a fun-loving, down-to-earth girl who enjoys being single and in the company of male companions. She's open-minded about others, but has definite morals and draws her own lines in her life.

Paul Hagen (Bill LeVasseur )

Patricia Ryan's lawyer, Paul Hagen is doing all the financial and legal legwork on her IPO that's underway with Jonathan at Marsh-Herrington.

Paul's history with Patricia isn't clear, but there is something in their past.

Dani Hartley (Jessica Wyman )

A 25 year-old, off-the-wall, fun girl who works at Lightspeed. Dani gets away with a lot because she is a little loose.

She has had a flirtatious friendship with Brad for some time, but it's never gone anywhere. Dani's vamping however, is legendary.

Bob Larson (John Ashton)

Paul Hagen's accountant buddy.

A fastidious and prudish man, Bob assists Paul in all of his underhanded business ventures...all the while believing he himself is "not a crook".

Lu Lu (Jennifer Kiatta)

One of Kate's roommates.....Lu Lu (her real name is Linda, but she thought that was too pedestrian) is an avant-gard artist.

She is no nonsense, blunt, often sarcastic, politically left, and pessimistic, but without being nasty. She gets along with both Madison and Kate, but keeps her emotional distance from everyone.

Madison (Tia Harris)

Kate's good friend and roommate.

Madison is an aspiring actress. She is emotional, pretty, and usually melodramatic.

Trent Mason (Dan Tong)

27, escaped felon on the run. Trent took the fall for Jonathan five years ago involving drugs and a felony manslaughter charge over the accidental death of a beautiful 19 year old, and has been in prison ever since. He is more than a little bitter about Jonathan going on to be successful with his life and has intentions of getting even.

Jason McClain (Andrew Skaff)

One of Lexi's biggest clients at Lightspeed, and originally mentioned by Dani in the pilot (the "McClain Account"). Jason and Lexi have had an intense chemistry from the first time they laid eyes on each other at their first business meeting. So far, Lexi can't seem to keep her mind off fantasies about Jason.

Sarah O'Brien (Gretchen Samuels)

The late wife of Turner O'Brien. Ghostly Sarah keeps showing up in Turner's daydreams...or are they? Sarah first met Lexi in college back east when Sarah was working as an English professor. They became close friends long before Lexi started working for Turner and Lightspeed. Sarah has made some mistakes over the years, but her love and devotion to Turner never really faltered before her recent, untimely death.

Turner O'Brien (Joe Derry)

Founder of Lightspeed. A tall, handsome, 40-something year-old gentleman. He is a bit less the industry visionary than he is just a man who was in the right place at the right time when the Internet explosion started. A very close, long-time friend of Lexi's, who has known him since her college days on the East Coast. Turner is brilliant, and well connected. As a businessman, he excels at creating win-win scenarios and several of his partners and employees owe their fortunes to his considerable generosity. Turner has been recently widowed with the death of his beloved wife, Sarah.

Kate Peterson (Joni Pierce)

At 23 years old, Kate has just moved to Denver to attend Denver College after spending two years attending community college in her hometown in Wyoming. This is her first time living on her own and her first time in the "Big City". Still in search of her identity, Kate is na´ve about her experiments in life.

Kate was raised in Wyoming as an All-American "good girl." Shy and protected, she is yearning to escape and see the world. Dating Brad, her first city boyfriend, she thinks she's found some of what she's looking for, but she still notices other men.

Jonathan Price (JohnPaul Strate)

A 33 year-old Stockbroker, Jonathan is a tanned, olive-skinned player with an ego and a penchant for beautiful women. From a family with money, Jonathan grew up in the Mediterranean. His attitude about women makes it clear he sees himself as the sheik, and he's always a player for any truly wealthy woman.

Patricia Ryan (Anna Hadzi)

38, sophisticated, married to a major industrialist. Very business savvy, she has owned several successful companies. Her interactions with men are part entertainment, and part to satisfy her thirst for a challenge. As she's growing older, the affairs are more frequent, and often more spontaneous.

Diana Westcourt (Lisa Rosenhagen )

The long-time VP of Marketing for Lightspeed Corporation, normally based in Silicon Valley, Diana is in Denver while Dani is away. Diana is both intimidating and friendly, which she uses to her advantage with both clients and men around the office. An old friend of Turner's, and still single, Diana deftly conceals a new fascination with him since Sarah's death.

Brad Williams (Brian Landis Folkins)

One of the "perks" of Lexi's new position, Brad is Lexi's intern assistant. Brad is interning with Lightspeed as part of a curriculum at Denver College where he has a full-ride scholarship. From a middle class family, Brad is a fun-loving native Denver boy. At 22 years old, he started dating Kate at Denver College where they both attend.

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