Instructions and
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch the show?

There are two ways to watch our shows over the Internet, one is called streaming and the other is called downloading.

What is Streaming?

Streaming works if you have a fast Internet connection (DSL, T1, Cable, Broadband, etc). When you are streaming, you are watching the show directly from the web site, seeing the show as you are receiving the show, just like TV. Because you are watching directly from the web site, when you have finished watching the show, there is no copy of it on your computer. If you want to watch the show again, you must stream it again.

How Do I Stream?

To stream one of our shows, simply go to the Previous Episodes Archive and left click on the small picture of the episode you want to watch. The show will start to play automatically.

What Is Downloading?

If you want to keep a copy of the show, or if you don't have a fast Internet connection, you want to use the method called downloading. When you download a show, you are saving it to your computer first, and then playing the show from your computer (instead of playing it from the web site). You get to keep the copy when you are finished watching it. We recommend that you use this method instead of streaming, because you get a better-quality image, you get a bigger window to watch it in, and you have a copy that you can play any time you want without going back to the website.

How Do I Download?

To download, right click on the picture of the episode you want to watch (use the BIG picture if you have fast Internet, the small picture if you have a Dialup Modem). A window will pop up with a list of options. Select the option that says "Save Target As". Another window will pop up showing you the different places on your computer where you can save the show. Select "Desktop" and the click "Save". The show will begin downloading and saving to your desktop. It will take a few minutes. A window with a little meter will pop up and count down how much longer it will take for the show to finish saving. When it is done saving, look on your desktop for the show (for example, CEShow5.wmv), and left click on it. You will get a little window that looks like a VCR. Click the play button and watch!

What does my computer need in order to watch the show?


Your computer must have sound capability. If you can hear noises come from your computer (beeps, animal noises, music, etc), then you are ready to go. If you can't hear anything from your computer, then you need a sound card and speakers. If you don't have these things, you can still watch the show without sound if you really want to.

Player Software

You need either Windows Media Player 7.1 or Apple Quicktime 5 software. If you do not have one of these, you can download one for free from the links below. Read the next two paragraphs to see which one of these you need.

Windows Media Player 7

If your computer is a PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP, you need Windows Media Player (version 7.1 or higher). For a free download of Windows Media Player from the Microsoft site, click here and follow the directions on their page.

Apple Quicktime 5

If your computer is a Macintosh, or your computer is a PC that runs Windows NT, you need Apple Quicktime 5.0 or higher. For a free download of Apple Quicktime, click here and follow the directions on their page.

What if the show looks too dark?

Before you watch the show, it is a good idea to adjust the brightness of your monitor. Most people have their monitors set too dark for displaying nice video. There are two ways you can adjust this.

Adjust the Monitor

On the bottom of your monitor there should be a row of knobs and/or buttons. Find the one that controls the brightness of the monitor and adjust it so that you can distinctly see each shade of grey in this graphic:

Adjust the Player Software

Windows Media Player

In Windows Media Player, you can adjust the Brightness by clicking the "View" menu item at the top of the player window, and selecting "Now Playing Tools", then further selecting "Video Settings". A set of controls will appear at the bottom of your Player window that you can adjust with your mouse.

Apple Quicktime

In Apple QuickTime, you can adjust the Brightness by clicking the "Movie" menu item at the top of the player window, and selecting "Show Video Controls". Adjust the slider with your mouse as desired, then select "Hide Video Controls".

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