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or·tho·gen·e·sis, noun, New Latin, 1895:
evolution in successive generations that takes place in a predestined direction, independent of external factors
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Ayden Lee is young...she’s beautiful...she’s an artist. She’s been an orphan since the night her mother disappared without a trace.

Now, an unusual relic she’s had since childhood has awakened with a terrifying message: her human life is about to end. In three days, Ayden must come to terms with an unimaginable destiny, the end of everything she’s ever known, and find a way to say goodbye to the people she loves before her astonishing fate becomes reality.

This film has not been rated.
Contains nudity.
Running time: 46:54

orthogenesis has been described a 'labor of love' by Emmy Award-nominated director and cinematographer Robert Berg, and is his first film over 45 minutes. The film is punctuated by a powerful, emotional score by award-winning composer Dave Mitchell.

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A note from the director:

orthogenesis has been a very personal labor for me in many ways because the story is quietly philosophical. Our modern world is filled with scientific and technological wonders, yet we remain fundamentally simple in our belief about life, deities, and the hereafter. I wanted to convey a different view of man's (or, in this case, a woman's) ascent towards destiny...something foreign to any conventional religion. I hope the film imparts a single moment of empathy for Ayden, and a sense that the viewer is not simply racing towards death, but imagining a glimpse of infinite possibilities and an eternity in front of them.

orthogenesis was also an experiment: I wanted to see how far we could push the envelope making a solid script on a low budget, using new, relatively affordable cameras and technology without sacrificing production value; walking that inevitable filmmaking tightrope between exposition and revelation in telling the story.

principal cast
joni pierce
danica kneebone
ayden's mother
samara frame
young ayden
emelie pettersson
lahana flying hawk
supporting cast (alphabetic)
fredd bowers
josh bryan
joe derry
social worker
robin freeman
couch guy 2
craig greager ii
distinguished woman
gale grove
couch guy 1
damon guerrasio
bank couple, guy
shon joaquin
bank loan officer
mike jones
bank clerk
sarah jones
pregnant woman
laura laird
suburban woman
robin madel
restaurant waiter
mark middlebrooks
bank couple, girl
adalia rafati
couch girl
jamie riemann
chocolate shop clerk
roxane sondrup
bank manager
joe wilson
bank teller
erika zaccaria
animal talent


I know how much you want to go to that school and start a new life for yourself. I hope this will help. I am so sorry that I cannot explain the circumstances in which I have given this to you.

I may never see you again Beth, and I am terribly sorry that you will miss me tomorrow. I want you to know that I will love you always, and that I am very hopeful for your and my future.

I miss you already,


Orthogenesis wins 2nd Place in the Sci-Fi Short category at The 2006 Indie Gathering! Stay tuned for information about the film screening at the festival August 4-6th!

August 4-6, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio


Orthogenesis to be screened at Denver's Starfest on Friday, April 21st, 2006!!!

At 7PM in the "Main Events" room!


Orthogenesis is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD!

Send an email here, or call the production office at 303.698.0164 to get a copy on it's way! The NTSC DVD (ISBN 1-59975-111-9) has great cover art and is packaged in a classic Amray DVD case.

Check out the "Orthogenesis" movie listing in the Internet Movie Database ( If you saw the film at Starz, cast your vote or write a review!
"Orthogenesis" seen in Denver at StarZ Filmcenter!

Monday, October 3rd, 2005, about 150 local cast, crew, and friends got a first look at the film
as part of the Denver Film Society's "Colorado Filmmakers Showcase". Our thanks to Brit Withey and the Denver Film Society for giving us a venue to screen the film for a real, live crowd!
DigiBETA dubs for festival screening use now available. Film festival submissions have begun.
The final edit went to DVD today! The soundtrack is finished...and there will be only very minor changes from here on (if there are any at all). Expect a premiere announcement soon!
Visual SFX are now complete, the musical score is now complete, foley work, video processing, dialog sweetening, and sound mixing are still underway. The first rough DVD of the film looks wonderful. Several screeners have said they like what they see!
The first version of the rough cut is complete! Now it's SFX (both audible and visual), soundtrack (including score music, dialog sweetening, and foley), and video processing.

The film is in post-production! A rough-cut is planned by the end of December, 2004, after which time visual SFX, sound effects, dialogue sweetening, and the music score will be added. See the production stills at the bottom of this page for a tease.

Principal photography was completed November 14th through December 7th, 2003.

thanks to

AIC "Assignments" Restaurant, Denver
Oh My Goddess! Coffee Shop, Denver
The Chocolate Foundry, Cherry Creek North
Vectra Bank of Colorado, Denver

and to

Mission Trujillo Restaurant

production stills

steve and beth discuss ayden's birthday

ayden and beth talk about life

young ayden gives her mom a gift

ayden painting

ayden sees something scary

social worker and detective discuss mom's whereabouts

ayden's mom teaching her to paint

jessica and ayden snack on cookies

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