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Episode 3: As the Girl Turns
Show #10
"Bed, Office, & Beyond"
As the Girl Turns, Part 1
(Released: 11/24/2002 - 9:00)
Jonathan's nervousness about the situation with Trent ruins Veronica's perfect morning after and Lexi can't keep her mind on business when she meets Jason McClain at Lightspeed.
Show #11
"Guns and Poses"
As the Girl Turns, Part 2
(Released: 12/9/2002 - 12:01)
Turner is bereaved disposing of the late Sarah's things, Brad, of all people, is in charge with Lexi out, Trent explosively makes his case to Jonathan, and Veronica confides in Frieda..
Show #12
"Not in Kansas Anymore"
As the Girl Turns, Part 3
(Released: 12/23/2002 - 6:35)
Kate tugs Brad kicking and screaming to the drag show, where who should they bump into but Michael and his new found "date".
Show #13
"Blowing Bubbles"
As the Girl Turns, Part 4
(Released: 01/07/2003 - 9:09)
Michael learns the truth about his "date" and pours his sorrows out to Brad. Kate's driving, but even she can't stop Michael's inebriated, bubbly nightmare.
Show #14
"Jogging to Afghanistan"
As the Girl Turns, Part 5
(Released: 01/30/2003 - 8:06)
Veronica makes Jonathan beg for her attention, Patricia needs a new chauffeur, and Lexi's comic daydreams run amok when she visits Jason's bookstore.
Show #15
"Twisted Panties"
As the Girl Turns, Part 6
(Released: 02/20/2003 - 8:53)
Patricia's lawyer Paul Hagen and his prudish pal Bob Larson are up to no good as her IPO gets going. Paul's secretary Elaine tunes in her favorite radio show, and Patricia has some trouble with the law!
Show #16
"Heinous Deeds"
As the Girl Turns, Part 7
(Released: 03/27/2003 - 8:21)
Kate's roommate Madison gets dramatic, roomate Lulu gets grimy, and Kate regales them with stories of her drag club date. Brad learns, much to his chagrin, that there's a new sheriff in town, and her name is Diana.
Show #17
"Suds and Duds"
As the Girl Turns, Part 8
(Released: 04/21/2003 - 7:47)
Lawyer Paul has an interesting new chauffeur for Patricia, while Kate's talk with Brad can't compete with Lulu's industrial art making.
Show #18
"Maternal Instinct"
As the Girl Turns, Part 9
(Released: 05/19/2003-10:42)
Trent gets Patricia back to the mansion to find a new career opportunity and a chance meeting with an old "friend". Diana hears a secret when she visits Turner at home.
Episode 4: Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns
Show #19
"Faulty Showers"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 1
(Released: 07/24/2003-7:08)
Turner has a ghostly encounter that ends abruptly only to discover another visitor who's all wet. Diana has coffee and a chat with Turner before going back to Denver.
Show #20
"Hat Trick"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 2
(Released: 08/31/2003-9:22)
Lexi is under the weather, which makes her fantasy life work overtime, when she is rudely awakened by an old adversary. Trent and Patricia share a drink and more before Trent's tour of the rest of the mansion.
Show #21
"Home Remedy"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 3
(Released: 02/07/2004-10:26)
Joey tries to teach Kate the finer points of seducing a man. Lexi gets a visit from someone who arrives bearing chicken soup and his heart!
Show #22
"Coitus Hilarious"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 4 (Released: 07/03/2004-12:21)
Jonathan and Trent negotiate over Patricia, Diana is stunned spying Turner listening to ghostly poetry, Paul gets an upsetting phone call, and Kate does her best to put Joey's advice to use in the bedroom!
Show #23
"Rocket Science"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 5 (Released: 09/16/2004-8:59)
Paul and Bob debate what to do about Mr. Ryan's phone call, Diana recruits Brad to spy on Turner, and Kate, Michael, and his new pal Annie go for hot sauce!
Show #24
"Tied Up, Tied Down"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 6 (Released: 10/22/2004-13:20)
Lexi's past finally catches up to her bigtime when Adam's henchmen pay her a visit. Veronica finally returns Jonathan's clothes, and after discussing her news, together make a big decision of their own!
Show #25
"Boys to Bygones"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 7 (Released: 12/11/2004-12:57)
Jason stops by while Lexi is a bit tied up, ambitious Diana takes over the world, and Kate decides she doesn't want to play with Brad anymore.
Show #26
"ave Veronica"
Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns, Part 8
(Released: 1/5/2005-12:57)
Patricia and Trent have a "discussion" with Paul. Kate searches for a new destiny with girl-pal Annie, and Jonathan's life changes forever.

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