What Is It?

City's Edge is one of the first made-for-the-internet soap operas, with new episode segments released a few times each month (more often as the show production gains momentum) for download or streaming from any high speed connection.

City's Edge is a show created for today's wired soap opera audience; it's for students, moms, and working business professionals!

Why City's Edge?

More and more viewers in today's busy soap opera audience are wired into the web. Fewer of them have time to watch traditional daytime TV, where conventional soap operas air.

City's Edge brings the filming, stories, and action of traditional soap operas to life on the internet where the episodes can either be immediately streamed (by users with a broadband connection) or downloaded and saved for later play.

Unlike traditional daytime soap operas, City's Edge brings episodic movie quality to the soap opera format, with fast-paced storytelling, hot characters, high production values, real locations, and cutting edge music.

It accomodates the modern viewer's busy schedule, and brings a new level of quality to soap opera entertainment.

Who Are We?

Click here to learn more about the people responsible for the show.

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