Breakups, Break-ins, and Breakdowns
(Show numbers 19-26) features music by:

Katoorah Jayne

"Katoorah Jayne will consume you without batting an eye. She creates aggressive and confident songs that show no mercy. Sharply defined, erotic and powerful, Jayne dominates in a world of sandpapered hearts."
Songwriters Monthly

Katoorah Jayne plays funky, bluesy, tough-edged rock, totally devoid of pretense (no kiddin'). She's buff, hip, and she ain't afraid to sing things that make people squirm. You can hear some of Katoorah's finest "Angels and Prisoners" (trust me, it made us weep around here) in Show 26, the very end of Episode 4.


Nina Storey

"Sooner or later, Nina will take the world by storm as she becomes a force the recording industry will have to deal with. She rocks hard, sings soft and sweet, and exercises her full vocal range as she dives into bluesy torch songs and dabbles around the edges of jazz." Once again, Nina adds that special voodoo that only she can to the City's Edge soundtrack with "Shoulder", heard in Show 24.

As The Girl Turns
(Show numbers 10-18) features music by:

Eric Shiveley

"Somewhere between Buddy Holly and Galaxie 500", Eric Shiveley weaves his songs like they're right from the "Twin Peaks" soundtrack. Said to have "the best sound to come out of Denver in years", this artist is Denver's top purveyor of smart, adult pop.


Darling Violetta

Called the "hottest band in Los Angeles not recording on a major label" and creators of the theme song for the WB Network's hit show "Angel", Darling Violetta offers more amazing pieces for the City's Edge soundtrack. (See the Pilot Episode "Renaissance" for a taste of earlier DV magic!) And be sure and grab a copy of their new album "Parlour". It's most definitely da bomb kids...


Diamond Girl
(Show numbers 3-9) features music by:

Nina Storey

With an "amazing voice that can virtually push you back in astonishment" (once called "Joan Osborne in a smaller package" by Billboard), Nina Storey and her band (including former Miles Davis sessions man Randy Hall on guitar) "is poised to take the world by storm."

Originally from L.A. and now hailing from Boulder, CO, we are thrilled to bring the silky smooth, sultry, blues rock in Nina's "Nothing Left to Burn" to City's Edge.


DJ Xealot

A trance and electronica musician, DJ Xealot's unique dark and brooding style captivates listeners. A supporter of online music, much of his music is available in MP3 format here. DJ Xealot's music can often be heard on MP3 shoutcast "radio" stations all over the Internet.


Dave Mitchell

A Denver-area composer and performer (who's never met a Kurzweil K2600 he didn't like), Dave Mitchell's emotional signature punctuates his original City's Edge soundtrack compositions, like the beautiful, melodic, and melancholy "Lexi's Theme", heard in show number 4. Listen for other work from Dave throughout the segments of Episode 2.


(Pilot, show numbers 1 & 2) features music by:

Darling Violetta

Creators of the theme song for the WB Network's hit show "Angel", Darling Violetta offers "a sound that is musically fortified, vocally accomplished, lyrically intriguing & completely fresh & engaging." We are delighted to be able to bring their work to you in the City's Edge pilot soundtrack.


Matthew Barr

This Denver-area songwriter and performer's offerings of rock and roll, laced with powerful back beats, acid guitar, and moody stylizations fit perfectly as backgrounds to some of City's Edge pilot scenes.



Neysa's songs are musical magic, soothing, alluring, sometimes a little sassy. Her personal, emotional sentiments in songs like "Watching Over Me" (heard during the last scene of the pilot episode and continuing under the credits), connect us to the very heart of Lexi Parish like nothing else could.

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