To play any of the show video clips, the trailer, the commercials, or the video news stories, you must have a machine capable of video playback, and the following player software:

Microsoft Media Player Version 7
or Apple Quicktime Version 5 (or later)

on your computer!

If you use Windows/NT, see the note below!

For the best possible viewing, download the high quality show segments to your computer and watch them from your hard drive rather than streaming the lower-quality versions over the Internet.

All of the City's Edge show segments and video clips are BIG! You should have some sort of broadband connection to the Internet (DSL, Cable, T1, etc) or you won't be happy. Trust us on this.

Note to Windows/NT Users!

The Windows-format show does NOT play correctly under Media Player Version 6.4 even WITH the Video 8 CODECs installed! Since you cannot install Windows Media Player Version 7 under NT 4.0 (gee, thanks Bill), we recommend that you install Quicktime 5 and download the Quicktime version of the show! (That DOES work under NT 4.0, we promise!)

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