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Jonathan Price is a stockbroker...handsome and a player. He's just spent the night with Veronica Devoreux, heiress to the Devoreux Mining fortune, beautiful and a bit spoiled. But there's a problem...unbeknownst to everyone except Jonathan, an escaped felon is after him for something that happened in the past.

Lexi Parish recently relocated to the Denver office of Lightspeed Corporation, an Internet media company. A few days ago, while out for a drink with her boss, Lexi met Jason McClain, a client of Lightspeed and someone she's fantasized about ever since that night.

SHOW #10
"As The Girl Turns, Part 1"
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The Storyline Up to The 2003 Season!

There are two storylines in City's Edge that are woven together.

The Lightspeed Storyline

Lexi Parish transfers from New York City to the Denver office of Lightspeed Corporation, an Internet technology company, as the new Senior Internet Media Producer (Show #1). Single at age 27, she's dynamic and vulnerable with a history of troubled romantic relationships and some unfinished personal business in New York that may catch up with her (Show #2).

Once at Lightspeed, Lexi meets her new assistant, company intern Brad Williams. Sparks fly when Lexi meets Jason McClain, one of the company's biggest clients (the "McClain Account"). Jason and Lexi have an intense chemistry from the first time they lay eyes on each other (Show #9). Turner O'Brien, Lexi's boss and founder of Lightspeed, is a long-time friend of Lexi's and has known her since her college days on the East Coast. A tall, handsome, late 40's gentleman, Turner was recently widowed with the death of his beloved wife, Sarah.

Turner hosts a ski retreat for Lexi, Brad, Brad's girlfriend Kate Peterson, and Lightspeed's bad girl Marketing Director Dani Hartley (Show #4, #5, and #6). Dani shows up to the retreat with date Michael Emerine in tow (see the Marsh-Herrington Storyline for more about Michael) and promptly disappears with a hot ski instructor.

The Marsh-Herrington Storyline

Trent Mason is a felon on the run who has escaped from a Federal prison back east. He's out to get even with Jonathan Price, a 33 year-old stockbroker at Marsh-Herrington Holdings in Denver. Jonathan is a tanned, olive-skinned player with an ego and a penchant for beautiful, wealthy women. Jonathan is brokering a stock deal for Patricia Ryan, the wife of a Denver industrialist. Patricia is 38, sophisticated, and very business savvy. Frequently unfaithful to her husband, she is clearly interested in Jonathan and has been waiting to make her move.

At a private party for Patricia's investors, Jonathan runs into his old flame Veronica Devoreux, much to the irritation of Patricia, and Veronica's date for the evening, Michael Emerine. (Show #3) Veronica is a beautiful, 29 year-old heiress to the Devoreux Mining fortune, has traveled the world for daddy's company and for pleasure. She and Jonathan had a wild love affair in London two years ago.

As Trent continues his trek across America, Jonathan juggles phone calls from both Veronica and Patricia (who argue over him at the day spa in Show #4). He soon gets the news that Trent has escaped and is on his way to exact his revenge. As Trent arrives in Denver (Show #7 and #8), Patricia primps for another stab at seduction during her next meeting with Jonathan. Instead, Jonathan skips out of Patricia's meeting early, and meets Veronica for a steamy night of romance at the hotel (Show #9).

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